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Get ready for the ultimate cinematic adventure with our Movie Night Extravaganza Teepee Slumber Party! Transform your living room into a private cinema under the stars, with cozy teepees adorned with twinkling fairy lights and plush blankets. Each teepee is a personalized movie haven, complete with comfy cushions and all the movie-watching essentials. Choose from a selection of blockbuster hits or timeless classics to create a customized movie marathon that caters to every taste. With popcorn buckets, blankets, and movie-themed decor, this slumber party takes the movie night experience to a whole new level. Friends can share laughs, snacks, and the joy of watching their favorite films together in the comfort of their own magical movie oasis. It's not just a slumber party; it's a film lover's dream come true! Get ready to roll out the red carpet for a night of cinema, popcorn, and unforgettable memories.

Movie Night Slumber Party

  • Included:


    Air Mattresses + electric pump

    Themed Linen + Bedding

    Themed decorations (Tray table with drinking cups & decorations)

    Fairy Lights




    *Some components supplied may vary from those shown.

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