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Pamper Party Taupo
Pamper party taupo
Pamper party Taupo
Girls with Cucumber Facial

Pamper Parties

Our Pamper Parties are so much fun, every young girl loves to get pampered and giggle with her friends!

These packages can be customized to suit different ages and your needs. Our typical package includes: Foot baths with bath bomb, Hand soak with epsom salts, Face masks then hydrating mist and moisturizer, followed with painting nails!

Options include:

DIY - Do it yourself                                             $

Set up Service (you pack down)                     $$

Full Service (we set up & pack down)          $$$

Pricing Guide

2-4 people

DIY             $140

Set Up      $190

Full            $240

5-7 people

DIY             $170

Set Up       $220

Full             $270

8 - 10 people

DIY             $200

Set Up      $250

Full             $300

11+  People

Contact us for special pricing

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