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Party Cake

Themed Kids Parties

We have packages for every budget and plenty of themes to choose from or customize.

Our Themed Parties are hired out for the day typically from about 9am - 4pm, we work with you to fit your needs, so Lets get your party started!

Options include:

DIY - Do it yourself                                             $

Set up Service (you pack down)                     $$

Full Service (we set up & pack down)          $$$

Pricing Guide

2-5 people

DIY             $120

Set Up      $170

Full            $220


6 - 10 people

DIY             $150

Set Up      $200

Full            $250

11 - 15  people

DIY             $180

Set Up      $230

Full             $280

16+  People

Contact us for special pricing

Enchanted Forest Party
Enchanted Forest Party
Fairy Party
Fairy Party
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