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Embark on a whimsical journey through the enchanted realms of our Fairy Wonderland-themed kids' afternoon party. Imagine a world where fairies flit and flutter, where magical pixie dust sparkles in the air, and where every detail is a testament to the wonders of imagination. From fairy-tale decorations to pastel-hued table settings, our Fairy Wonderland transports little ones into a realm of pure enchantment.


Our Fairy Wonderland-themed kids' party is more than an event—it's a magical escape, where dreams take flight and the spirit of make-believe reigns supreme. Let the enchantment unfold as we create a fairy-tale experience that will leave little hearts brimming with joy and wide-eyed wonder. Welcome to the Fairy Wonderland—where every moment is sprinkled with fairy dust and childhood dreams come true!

Fairy Wonderland

  • Included:

    Kid's Party table (Tables, chairs, table coverings, decorations, paper plates, drinking cups), 

    Themed decorations 

    Additional Themed Party Table Set-up (for cake / food / games or cameras to go onto)


    *Some components supplied may vary from those shown.

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