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Step into a whimsical world of sweetness with our Candyland-themed teepee slumber party experience! Transform your sleepover into a sugary wonderland where dreams are as delightful as candy can be. Picture vibrant teepees adorned with lollipop decorations, candy-striped pillows, and gumdrop garlands, creating a magical setting that transports kids into a land of confectionery delight. From gummy bear adventures to marshmallow dreams, this themed slumber party promises an unforgettable night filled with laughter, games, and the sweetest dreams imaginable. Let the enchantment of Candyland come to life in the comfort of your home, creating cherished memories that will linger long after the last piece of cotton candy has been enjoyed. It's a sugary sleepover extravaganza that's sure to leave a lasting impression on every little guest!

Candyland Slumber Party

  • Included:


    Air Mattresses + electric pump

    Themed Linen + Bedding

    Themed decorations (Tray table with drinking cups & decorations)

    Fairy Lights




    *Some components supplied may vary from those shown.

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