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Step into a realm of whimsy and wonder with our Unicorn Teepee Slumber Party—an enchanting experience that brings the magic of unicorns to life! Picture a dreamy setting where cozy teepees are adorned with pastel hues, twinkling lights, and unicorn-themed decorations, creating a magical sleepover haven that will captivate every young heart.

As the little ones enter this fantastical world, they'll find themselves surrounded by plush cushions, fluffy blankets, and a touch of unicorn sparkle. From unicorn crafts to imaginative games, the evening is filled with laughter and joy. Each guest can embrace their inner unicorn with themed accessories, making the night a magical celebration of friendship and fantasy.

Our Unicorn Teepee Slumber Party is more than just a sleepover; it's an adventure into a world where dreams take flight on unicorn wings. Let the enchantment unfold as children embark on a night of make-believe, creating cherished memories beneath the glow of unicorn magic. It's a sleepover experience that will leave hearts aglow with the joy of childhood and the magic of unicorns!


Please note travel is included for locations within 15kms of our office at 29 Runanga Street, Taupo. For more information please see the travel policy or get in touch.

Unicorn Slumber Party

  • Included:


    Air Mattresses + electric pump

    Themed Linen + Bedding

    Themed decorations (Tray table with drinking cups & decorations)

    Fairy Lights




    *Some components supplied may vary from those shown.

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